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Emotional tension is always felt in the body.

When you’re in a stressful situation the fight-or-flight mode of your sympathetic nervous system kicks in.

This raises your heart rate and shuttles all the blood out of your organs and into your muscles so your body has the power it needs to either fight your way out or run to remove yourself from the situation. ⁣

But what happens when you can’t fight or run?

What happens when you’re stuck in a stressful situation with no way out? ⁣

When you have no way to escape a stressful situation, that stress gets trapped in your nervous system as emotional tension. ⁣

This means you have trouble turning off your stress response and activating your regular rest-and-digest mode, even when there is no immediate threat.

You start to feel stressed when you have no reason to, and that stress reinforces your emotional tension, leading to both emotional and physical symptoms.

Because when stress is stuck in your nervous system and you feel it in your body, your mind tries to solve it to get you out of that state. ⁣

If there’s no immediate reason to feel stress but you still have stress stuck in your body from the past, your mind will desperately try to grasp for a solution, leading to negative emotions like anxiety. ⁣

Sometimes your thought patterns will also trigger a stress response in your body, so you end up stuck in a feedback loop of emotional tension.

Contrary to what your mind might try to tell you, the solution can’t be found in your thoughts.

Talking about problems can be helpful in bringing subconscious issues up to the surface.

But if you don’t express those feelings physically, emotional tension stays stuck in your nervous system.

In order to release stuck emotions, you have to allow the energy of those emotions to move through your body.

This helps you retrain your nervous system and process that trauma out so you can start to shut down your stress response when you no longer need it. ⁣

Universe Stance (as shown in the video below) is a qigong technique that looks deceptively simple but is extremely powerful in helping you retrain your nervous system.

It helps you release emotional tension that is stuck in the body and can literally change your life when practiced regularly.

See what happens if you practice for 5 minutes for 30 days.

Then come back and let me know what happened.

I can’t wait to see where this takes you!

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