There is a hidden message in your negative emotions.

And once you understand this hidden message, your negative emotions will transform all on their own.

Nothing will ever feel overwhelming or unbearable again.

You will never be angry again.

You will never be anxious again.

You will never be sad, ever again.

You won’t ever be stressed again.

This may sound too good to be true, so before you think that I’m talking about a magic pill that will somehow miraculously make all of your troubles go away, let’s get something clear.

This doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience negative emotions ever again.

You will.

But the difference is, once you know what negative emotions are telling you, they can no longer hurt you.

Because you will no longer identify yourself with them.

You aren’t angry, you are experiencing anger.

You aren’t anxious, you are experiencing the feeling of anxiety.

You aren’t sad, and you aren’t stressed.

 Just like any other experience, these feelings come and go.

They are not you, they just pass through you.

Right now, if you’re like most people, you fight against negative emotions when they arise.

When you start to feel uncomfortable, you do everything in your power to make those feelings go away.

You imagine that they define you, that you are what you are feeling, and you don’t want to be that.

But when you do this, when you push against the way you feel, it doesn’t actually make the emotions go away.

Instead, pressure builds inside of you, leading to chronic stress, anxiety, and a host of other uncomfortable physical and emotional manifestations.

It’s physics.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

And emotions are just energy in motion.

They want to move through you.

When you push against emotions, it’s like you build a dam inside of you so they can’t flow.

And that’s how the pressure builds.

That’s what hurts.

The energy of negative emotions itself isn’t so strong or painful when you let it flow.

In fact, when you start allowing the energy of negative emotions to pass through you, eventually they stop being perceived as negative at all.

You can then see them for what they really are, just an experience of energy moving through your body.

Ok, so that’s what negative emotions are, but what do they mean? What are they trying to tell you?!

Your mind comes up with all sorts of stories when you experience negative emotions.

“Something is terribly wrong,” it tells you.

“This must be fixed right away!” it insists.

“I must find a way to make this dissapear,” you will hear the voice in your head say.

But who is the one thinking those thoughts?

Who is the one experiencing this?

“Well, I am, of course!” your mind will quickly answer.

But if you investigate, you’ll see that this isn’t true.

Because negative emotions mean that you are identifying with a false idea of Self.

Who is the “I” that is hearing these thoughts?

In order to be heard, there has to be something there that is listening.

Who are those words speaking to?

Who is the one talking?

Who is the one listening?

Mystical traditions from all around the world point to this One Truth.

Who You Really Are is pure, unadulterated Love.

YOU are the one listening.

You are the unlimited conscious awareness watching these experiences.

You are simply imagining yourself to be a limited being.

You are imagining that you are a person who can be defined, by name, age, occupation, relationships, opinions, and so on.

This construct of limitation is what is called the Ego.

It is not good or bad in and of itself, but it convinces you that the experiences you are having are definite, that they define you.

And because the Ego is based on the illusion of limitation, it also imagines your experiences in definite terms: good and bad, positive and negative, beautiful and ugly, wanted and unwanted.

But the truth is that any “negative emotions” that come up into your awareness don’t feel good for a simple reason: They are not true.

If they were true, they wouldn’t feel bad.

When you experience negative emotions, it means that you are looking at things through the false lens of the Ego.

To start to see the Truth, step back from the Ego and identify with the One observing instead.

Question your thoughts.

Practice mindful awareness.

Focus as much as you can on the One experiencing, rather than the experience.

And anytime you experience a negative emotion, embrace it as you would a gift.

Because it is showing you the way to not just emotional freedom, but Ultimate Freedom.

It is shining a light on your perception so you can consciously shift it and see more clearly.

And it’s there that healing can begin.

Want more?

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I can’t wait to see where this takes you!



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