You are not who you think you are.

This realization is your ticket to freedom.

Because the person who you think you are is entirely limited by your imagination.

You will never be free so long as you believe yourself to be what you call your identity.

See, you live your life playing many roles.

And you carry images, stories, and expectations attached to every role you identify yourself with.

All of these shape the beliefs you have about yourself, what you think you can or cannot do, who you think you should or should not be.

So let’s say you identify yourself as “Mother”.

You have a set of associations embedded in your subconscious about what it means to be a mother.

You might imagine “Mother” to mean nurturing, loving caregiver.

The archetypal image in your mind may also include images of bed-time stories, warm hugs, fresh baked cookies and minivans.

Yet there are days when you are too tired to nurture, too grumpy to read another story, and all you want is a moment to finish the project you’re working on without a thousand interruptions.

Maybe you don’t always want to be touched, or you burn every batch of cookies you try to bake.

And times will inevitably come when you are the one who needs caring for.

So long as you imagine yourself to be “Mother”— or whatever role you play— you will never feel good enough.

You will never live up to the images you have in your mind.

And you carry thousands of these images in relation to every single role and personal characteristic you identify with.

But all of these images are artificial, static constructs.

No image you carry in your mind can reflect reality in its entirety.

The Truth is fluid, and nuanced, and beyond imagination.

It is not something that can be pinned down by labels.

Which is why every role you play creates an artificial limitation.

And it creates internal pressure to live up to those all of those assumptions you carry with you about what that role is “supposed” to look like.

But you are not the roles you play.

You are the one playing the roles.

And you are not “supposed” to look or behave in any particular way.

Those roles are just masks and costumes you put on.

They can serve you, but they are not you.

So don’t let them limit you.

Meet yourself where you are, in the Truth of who you are in this moment.

Let go of your thoughts, let go of all the “shoulds” and “woulds” and “coulds” and embody yourself just as you are.

You are only as limited as you imagine yourself to be.

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