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Hi! I’m Katerina.

A licensed acupuncturist, writer, teacher, mother, and entrepreneur with a focus on holistic mental health. 

My work and this website are dedicated to helping you use mind-body-spirit medicine to heal stress and anxiety, naturally.

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Before working with Katerina I felt discouraged about dieting and had low self-esteem, but now I feel like I have learned so much about what works best for my body, and it does not include a diet that makes me cut out the food I enjoy.

I feel more confident and conscious about what I eat, and have more self-confidence overall.

Katerina has helped me learn a healthier way to lose weight by focusing on what feels good to MY BODY. She has encouraged me to try new things that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Amber H.

“Katerina is a fantastic resource, a fierce and motivated teacher, and has absolutely nothing but love and respect for the work she does. It’s powerful stuff.

I’m grateful for being able to connect better with myself so that I can make the changes I need to make, and I’m so grateful for Katerina for helping me get to this place of self-love.”

Liv K.

Katerina Baratta, LAc, MSOM, is a licensed acupuncturist, mind-body-spirit health practitioner, writer, teacher, mother, and entrepreneur.

Her work is based on the premise that mental health is rooted in the body, and physical health is shaped by the mind.

Drawing from a holistic toolbox that includes personalized and intuitive nutrition, positive psychology, yoga and qigong, herbal medicine, and more, Katerina provides personalized health coaching, transformative courses and workshops, and an informative blog that is dedicated to helping you take charge of your own health and happiness.

“Before working with Katerina I felt imbalanced, like I was always looking for something more. There was never enough time in my day between work, children, and career.

Through her holistic approach and the infinite support I’ve received, Katerina has helped me to slow down and be more tune with my body and what it needs -and helped me finally honor those needs!- creating space in my life for big changes in both body and mind.”

Sarah G.

Thank you, Katerina,  for seeking out the individual in us all, and for your commitment to health and positive self-image.

At every turn, Katerina was available to field questions, discuss concerns, and offer support. Her knowledge is robust, and she is delightful and charming. Thank you for this wonderful, life-changing opportunity!”

Emily P.