The Practice

A 14-Day Embodied Mindfulness Course

Calm Your Nervous System Through Mindfulness

and fall in love with every moment of your life

Learn to counteract the negative effects of stress so you can stay centered, grounded, and open-hearted, even when the world looks and feels chaotic around you.

“What a gift! This course has a way of showing up at exactly the right time, always, so if you’ve stumbled across it now, you’re ready for it now.

Katerina is incredibly knowledgeable and distills centuries of teachings into accessible daily practices that create profound results.

For those who are just starting on the path, The Practice is a beautiful introduction to mindfulness.

For those who are well-steeped in these concepts, this serves as an invaluable tool for bringing attention back to core principles that are so easily lost in our daily lives.

Highly recommend!”

Aila W.

Why Mindfulness?



Mindfulness works by helping you accept and embrace the experience of the moment that you’re in.

When you become present to your lived experience through mindfulness, the resistance inside of you lets up. Resistance causes stress, and stress is associated with as much as 90% of illness and disease, so even a small shift can have a profound impact both your mental and physical health.

“Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Practice is a 14-day self-study embodied mindfulness program that combines modern neurological research with ancient techniques to help you cultivate more ease, joy, and inner peace in everyday life.

Over the course of 2 weeks you’ll receive:

9 Informative and inspiring emails that translate modern neuroscientific research and ancient esoteric theory into simple language so you can easily apply it to your life

Audio recordings of every email transcript so you can listen on the go, whenever you want

5 Guided mindfulness practices, so you can start reaping the benefits right away

The Practice gives you the framework, motivation, and guidance you need to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it.”

– Sharon Salzberg

Signs of Chronic Stress

  • Digestive discomfort and irregularity
  • Sleep disturbance and insomnia
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Menstrual and fertility issues
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Frequent worry, anxiety, and/or depression
  • Restlessness, inability to relax
  • Mood-swings, emotional reactivity
  • Impaired ability to empathize with others

Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

☻ Reduced stress, anxiety, & depression

🌙 Deeper & more consistent sleep

💪 Enhanced resilience

💃 Increased energy

⧋ A more robust immune system

🝭 Improved gut health & digestion

🩸Healthy blood pressure

ꕥ Natural pain management

What You Get

The Practice gives you everything you need to start living life with more ease, joy, and inner peace.

Empowering easy-to-follow lessons give you a deeper understanding of your nervous system and the stress patterns that keep you stuck. Powerful practices help you turn down your stress response in real-time so you can embrace (and enjoy!) the things that matter to you most. And rest days between lessons give you the chance to integrate what you’ve learned and apply it in your everyday life.

Week 1

Day 1

Lesson: Benefits of Mindfulness — How and Why Mindfulness Works

Guided Practice: Full Circle Breath (Plus what to do if breathing makes you anxious)

Day 3

Lesson: Autonomic Nervous System 101 — The stress response, the vagus nerve, and how to tame habitual stress

Guided Practice: Walking Meditation (If you’re not a fan of seated meditation, this one’s for you!)

Day 5

Lesson: Stress Habits and Trauma — How stress gets stored in the nervous system and the 2 mistakes that cause the majority of human suffering

Guided Practice: Embodied Body-Scan Meditation

Day 7

Lesson: Using Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Guided Practice: Mindful Tooth-Brushing (This one will give you a reason to smile! And it can be applied to anything you do regularly, including washing the dishes, drinking, eating, showering, and more.)

Week 2

Day 8: Bonus Email

Lesson: Making Mindfulness a Habit — 3 fool-proof hacks to make mindfulness (or any new habit) stick

Day 9

Lesson: Acceptance & Resistance — How to reduce emotional reactivity through inquiry

Day 11

Lesson: Anxiety, Overcoming Mental Road-Blocks, & Stepping into the Fires of Transformation

Day 13

Lesson: Surrender, Discernment, and Letting Go of Stuck Emotions

Guided Practice: Emotional Release Meditation (A must-have practice for every human!)

Day 14

Wrap-up, review, and next steps to help you take everything you’ve learned to the next level.


Extra Content

Learn 3 fool-proof hacks to make mindfulness (or any new habit) stick.

Professional Support

Contact Katerina and have all questions around course content answered directly.


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“I have been going through an extremely stressful time in my life over the past few years with illnesses, loss, and other family struggles. The Practice has helped me grow my patience, openness, compassion, and empathy amidst it all.

I have listened to many of the lessons multiple times, I really like that I can go back to the emails to review and re-listen.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity! The work you’re doing is so important.”

Katy M.

14 days can change the way you live your life.

Start your practice today.

“Mindfulness is a pause – the space between stimulus and response: that’s where choice lies.”

– Tara Brach

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sharing of “The Practice”. It’s not all new information to me but your message composition and delivery are hitting me in a way that’s really been amazing. Thank you so much.”
Kieth K.

Not sure yet?

Here are telltale signs that The Practice is for you:

You’re always rushing. Even when you “stop to smell the roses,” you quickly get distracted, thinking about what comes next.

• You’re mentally and physically exhausted. You wish you could adopt healthier habits but you can’t muster up the energy to follow-through.

• You feel restless and dissatisfied. You have a nagging feeling that there is more to life or that things should be better than they are.

• Your breath is shallow more often than it is deep.

• Your muscles are tight and tense.

• You’re emotionally reactive and moody more often than you’d like.

• You want to live life lovingly, but often feel too overwhelmed to show up for life the way you want to.

• You feel like you’re operating on autopilot and can’t seem to break out of your rut.

• You don’t sleep well, you feel restless and can’t get your mind to stop racing.

• You suffer from anxiety, depression, and/or chronic pain, and want to find natural ways to feel better.

• You know life is short and want to find more delight in the little things instead of wasting your energy on things that ultimately don’t matter.


Even just one of these is a good sign you should sign up.

Start your practice today

and learn how to savor every moment of your life.

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