Why do you want to lose weight?

You probably want people to like you better.

For them to admire you, or maybe even be jealous of you?

Maybe you think losing weight will make you feel more confident.

And then you’ll finally like yourself, too.

You’ll finally feel good in your body.

You’ll finally feel proud to be you.

You’ll finally feel deserving, right?

Well I’ve got news for you.

You’ve got the equation backwards.

And if you’re like millions of other women, it’s screwing up your life.


Because right now you’re letting the number you see on the scale in the morning determine how you feel the rest of the day.

And that kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

You criticize yourself at least 10 different ways every time you look in the mirror.

You’re fighting against yourself every time you look at a menu, ordering the option with the least calories instead of what you really want.

Which leaves you hungry so you end up reaching for a bag of chips and box of cookies an hour later.

You’re struggling to figure out what foods are actually healthy, and which ones are going to make you so bloated that you won’t be able to close your jeans tomorrow.

And here’s the real reason you’re having such a hard time.

It’s precisely because you think that losing weight is going to make you more lovable.

Meanwhile the trick to effortless weight loss?

It’s the other way around.

The first thing you have to do to effortlessly lose weight is: love.

You’ve got to smile at your reflection, genuinely.

And the way you do that is by focusing on whatever it is you can appreciate right now, even if it’s as simple as the fleck of gold in your right eye.

Or, if you don’t like anything about the way you look, then focus on something else that’s great about you.

Smile at the fact that you’re a kind person.

Smile at your creativity.

Smile at your ability to drag yourself out of bed in the morning if you have to.

Whatever it is that gives you even the smallest spark of joy about yourself, milk that feeling for all it’s worth.

Revel in appreciation for that fleck, and your appreciation will spread to more parts of you.

I promise.

Spread that love further and watch it expand.

Love each and every bite you put in your mouth, whether it’s a piece of lettuce or a doughnut.

Love the way you feel in your comfiest clothes.

Treat yourself in ways that make you feel really, really good.

Think loving thoughts toward yourself, others, and as many details of your life as you can focus on.

Even love on the dishes as you wash them in the sink.

Because once you infuse your life with love, and start to feel that elation buzzing inside your body, that’s when you know that you’re on the right track.

And that’s the only way you’re ever going to like the way you feel in your body, whether you end up weighing 110 pounds or 337.

Because when you make it a point to do everything lovingly, you automatically act in ways that help you lose weight.

You eat foods that please both your palate and your stomach.

You stop feeling bad about not going to the gym and instead realize how great you feel walking around your neighborhood.

And when you practice infusing your life with love, you drop the weight of guilt, pressure, and fear right along with the pounds.

Sure, you can keep trying really hard.

And there’s a good chance you will reach your goals at some point if you do.

But when you get there, I guarantee you won’t feel the satisfaction and ease you’re hoping for-unless you start to practice those loving feelings now, before you get there.

Because when you do reach your goal weight, you’ll find yourself keeping up the struggle, stuck in the same old cycle, desperately hoping you won’t gain the weight back.

If you skip over the love, you’ll never shed the weight of that fear, and you’ll never be free.

So free yourself from all that emotional weight now.

Stop the crazy already!

Start feeling better now and the body you want will follow.

Because you can’t feel good and feel bad in your body.


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