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Socca is one of those rare dishes that’s so delicious you won’t believe how ridiculously simple it is to make.

And, as with most of the recipes on this blog, it’s healthy, easy-to-make, AND kid-friendly at the same time.

Chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans,) are rich in manganese, which is important for healthy bone production, blood sugar control, free-radical protection, and skin integrity.

So if you’re trying to reduce wrinkles and avoid osteoporosis, chickpeas might help you get there!

Chickpeas are also rich in folate, phosphorus, protein, and iron.

As anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows, folate (often taken in its synthetic form, folic acid) is essential for neural development and overall nervous system health.

Folate is also important for cardiovascular support, red blood cell production, reproductive health, and may even lower the risk of breast cancer.

Copper and phosphorus might not be the first things you think of when you think of nutrients, but they’re both key players in your -and your family’s- health.

Copper gives you extra antioxidant protection, cholesterol balance, and phosphorus helps with basic cell function.

Copper and phosphorus both help your body maintain bone and tissue integrity.

And perhaps most enticing to ambitious mamas like us, copper, as well as phosphorus, play a key role in energy production.

So if you’re feeling worn out, you definitely want to make sure you’re getting enough copper and phosphorus in your diet!

And while most people know that protein and iron are important for your health, most people don’t realize that chickpeas are such a good source of both!

Boasting 29% of your protein needs and 26% of your daily recommended iron per 1 cup of chickpeas, here’s another reason socca is a great addition to a balanced diet.

Protein plays a major role in the functioning of your entire body.

Without adequate protein, you end up feeling completely depleted, exhausted, get sick easily, and are unable to function properly day-to-day.

Iron is also essential to your health.

And it’s especially important for women to focus on including enough iron in our diets because we’re much more likely to be deficient in it than men.

Just like copper and phosphorus, iron is essential for energy production.

It’s also responsible for your body’s ability to transport oxygen.

So if you’re feeling tired, weak, slightly short-of-breath, or have occasional bouts of dizziness, it might be a sign that you’re low in iron.

Eating iron-rich foods like socca, red-meat, spinach, and beet-greens is a great way to increase your iron.

But if these symptoms persist you should definitely check in with your doc and have your blood levels tested to see what’s going on.

As you can see, socca is just as enticing from a nutritional standpoint as it is for your taste buds.


socca recipe

And you can boost its nutritional impact by choosing nutrient-dense toppings.

I like to serve socca with a nice pesto and some sauteed veggies on top.

But you can get really creative when it comes to toppings.

Some delicious savory socca options include fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme, extra olive oil, hummus, or even tomato sauce and cheese!

You can also go the sweet route with socca and add some almond butter, honey, and/or fruit if you like.

The possibilities are really endless.

Here’s how you do it:


2 tbsp avocado oil
2 cups garbanzo bean flour
2 cups water
3 tbsp olive oil


Grease a cast-iron skillet with avocado oil, place in the center of the top rack of the oven (about 6 inches from the top) and preheat to 450°F.

Meanwhile, combine the remaining ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix until well blended.

Then allow the batter to rest for 30 minutes (this is a great time to prepare any toppings you want, like pesto or stir-fried veggies).

When the 30 minutes are up, carefully pour batter into skillet and turn oven up to a low broil.

Broil in the oven for 8 minutes, or until the edges get crispy and slightly blackened.

Remove from heat, allow to cool for a few minutes, then add toppings.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What toppings will you put on your socca?

Leave a comment and let me know, I could always use some extra inspiration!

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