With so many diet trends out there, it’s really easy to get confused and overwhelmed.

How are you supposed to know if a diet will work for you or not?

Vegans claim that their diet is the best way to live.

Keto enthusiasts swear it’s the only way to lose weight.

They all site scientific studies to support their claims, and they’re all right.

But they’re also all wrong.

Traditional medicine systems like Indian Ayurveda come a little closer to the truth.

Because they teach that one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to diet and lifestyle.

What works for me might not work for you.

So how are you supposed to sort through all of this and actually figure out the diet that’s going to work for you?

Truth be told, the diet that will work best for you isn’t a diet at all.

The fastest way to figure out what will work for you is to just follow how you feel and eat intuitively.

Try it out for a week or a month and see what happens.

Do you feel satisfied eating a specific kind of food?

Are you excited for your next meal?

Do you feel clear-headed and energized?

What’s your mood like?

How’s your sleep? What about your digestion?

Are you hungry?

If you like the way you feel, then keep going.

If you don’t, try something else.

Keep experimenting.

Here’s what I’ve seen repeatedly with the people I work with:

A restrictive diet (like veganism, or the ketogenic diet) might work for you for a few months or years but it probably won’t work for you forever.

You’re probably going to figure out that one way of eating makes you feel really great for a while, and then it changes.

And you know what?

That’s ok.

If you keep using the detached, experimental attitude that comes when you eat more intuitively (instead of strictly following a diet), then you’ll start to know what works for you and what doesn’t without even really thinking about it.

And then even if and when you change, you’ll always have the perfect diet for you, without even trying.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What diets have you tried in the past? How did they work for you?

Leave a comment, I’d love to know.

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